Sunday, April 23, 2017

When Will The Snow Be Gone - Contest Update

So far 3 guess dates have come and gone. As of Saturday evening:

No snow in the front yard,

a little tiny bit of snow in the side yard,

and the most snow left in the backyard. 

Today, the 23rd is Kinley's day - will it all be gone by dinner? Did Angel Dory and the boyz pick right with the 24th? Will it last until Princess Leah's guess on the 26th?  Will it last even longer?

Stay tuned to find out when it final leaves us!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day

Today is the day we celebrate our planet and all the things we can do to try and help it. The humans on the planet haven't always been kind and have done some damage. But rather than getting depressed about it, we are going to all work together to find ways to help it. If you need ideas be sure to visit where Louis has put together all we are doing to help the planet.

I was personally most reminded of the need to do more to save the planet on my trip to Iceland in 2015.

Here I am standing on a glacier. Our guide said the glacier is receding 50-100 feet per year. 

The place it was most apparent that we must work together to help our planet and probably one of the most amazing, beautiful places I have ever been:

While sitting looking at the icebergs, I wondered if my niece (who was 1 at the time) would ever be lucky enough to sit and enjoy the beauty of this place. Would they all be melted by the time she travelled the world?

I know the enormity of the task of reversing all the damage is overwhelming, but I believe the little steps we can take at home can make a difference. I challenge everyone to find one thing they can do this week that will help protect the planet. Nothing is too small!  Together we can change the future! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flowers For Dory

Today we join Blogville in celebrating Angel Dory in a Flower Friday.

When we were traveling in Asia, I specifically took pictures of flowers to share on these days.

Here are two.

The first up is from Thailand. No idea what type of flower it is, but thought it was very interesting. 

The seconds is the lotus. The pink lotus means purity and devotion and is the perfect flower to remember our dear friend with.

Pink flowers are always going to remind us of Dory. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trying To Like The Treat Flyer

Phenny was kind enough to send some special treats for Phod's birthday. The one being a treat launcher.  Now this launcher (that I will eventually figure out how to get the video up) makes a clicking sound, which scares Phod.

We are working on teaching him to not fear it. We tried pairing it. This is how it went:

Phod standing near the bathroom smelling it. 

The Man gently dropping treats for Phod.

Phod eating the treats and the girls being very jealous.

Phod deciding that this was to scary and going to the bathroom.

The girls had a great time with it, so at least someone is enjoying it!

Snow update:
As of last evening this is the snow in the back yard.

There is one spot in the front with a lot too. Now it is raining the next couple of days, but the temperatures are low over night. Will the snow be all gone by Phenny's day tomorrow?  Will Kinley have picked the right day with the 23rd? Will it last longer?  Time will tell! (Lady is working very late tonight so won't have a chance to add a snow update to Friday's post, but will do her best to let you all know how it is melting on Saturday).

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs with some treats.

Hailey 5
Zaphod 2
Emma 1

It took Phod a bit to realize there was food in the eggs (Hailey figured that out right away and I am not sure Emma had the chance to figure it out!)

Not to worry, everyone got treats for playing! 

Emma following Hailey to the first egg

Hailey trying to open the egg

"Are you sure there are more eggs to find?"
Note the toys and mess made by Emma

Phod beating Lee to an egg 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mischief Monday - Other Smells - By Phod

Dearest Blogville,

Do your people ever come home smelling like other animals?  If they do, do you feel all sad like I do? I am left alone to guard the house. I am usually such a good boy, and I love my Lady so. Why oh why does she need to go out and spend time with others?

Recently she has come home smelling like this:

duck! My very favourite food in the whole wide world. This is Daffy, formally Pandora, being held by Lady's coworker. As you may recall, Lady has a client doing some volunteer work at an animal sanctuary called Big Sky Ranch. Some family had gotten Pandora (who turns out to be a boy) as a pet and realized ducks just pee where they want to. Daffy is now being loved at the Ranch.

There was also cat. This picture was taken by Lady's client (he loves to take her picture and has thousands of her she is sure!). She is petting a cat whose name she doesn't know. She said he/she was the perfect mix of her angels Baggy and Nin. She wanted to bring him home! 

Then on Good Friday she came home smelling like another cat and a dog who had been sprayed by a skunk. The dog is being looked after by a friend, but is looking for a new home as his owner's circumstances have unfortunately changed. Lady didn't take a picture but said the dog looked so much like angel Loki she wanted to just bring him home. The Man was there to stop her or we would be a 3 dog house. When she has me to love why would she need more?

When Lady comes home with these smells, I sniff her all over to show my disapproval. She can barely walk as I am sniffing her. This picture is her trying to get into the house, but my nose wouldn't get off her. Hailey joined me in the sniffing, but got over it quickly. 

What do you do when your peeps come home smelling like traitors? Do you show them your disapproval?

A very good but sad Phod